More things about me...

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Hello there!

I’m Elena Racanicchi (she/her), the mind behind elerastudio. I’m an Italian-Mexican graphic designer based in Siena, Italy.

My academic background in communication sciences and UX design has led me to understand the power of visual storytelling.
I work between Italy and Mexico.


My projects include marketing designs, posters, wall art, cover designs, illustrations, and complete brand identities for businesses.


To me, graphic creativity is a form of expression that enhances the visual presence of brands and defines a unique identity. 


I describe myself as a persevering mind, a creative heart, and a soul filled with a desire to learn. Constant updating is a must-have for me, and I am always looking for new courses to acquire new cross-cutting skills and draw inspiration. 


Things I love to do in my designs

Customizing typography with professional vector-based software like Affinity Designer.
Offering high-quality image compositing services with the power of Adobe Photoshop.
Combine digital tools with art styles and traditional textures, and add a touch of personality to projects with vector and raster illustrations.

Fun facts about me

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